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Will the price of the subscription increase? 

The membership price may increase each year as we continue to add content. BUT rates will only increase for new members or members who have canceled and re-subscribed.

What is Thrive's contact information?

To contact us, please email team@thriveeo.com

Where does my password go?

Thrive site doesn't use a password but sends a link via email to sign in.

Am I able to submit an article? 

At the bottom of the Home Page under Community, is a link to give you direction.

I missed the LIVE event. Am I able to watch this? 

Yes, replays are posted within 24 hrs. Visit our idea event articles and click on the event tag.

What is the refund policy? 

Your subscription can be canceled at any time. Under your ACCOUNT, there is an unsubscribe. The month will finish out your subscription to your membership and then you will be unsubscribed. If you have a yearly subscription and unsubscribe, it will not renew at the end of the year. Refunds are not available.

Can I pay by phone or mail a check for my subscription?

At this time, we are only accepting credit card payments.

What days and times do most articles post?

Articles will typically post at 9:00 am ET on Sunday and Wednesday. 

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