Engaging with our aromatic plant allies opens a world of profound connection, allowing us to absorb their incredible gifts and the subtle messages they convey. The act of sitting with a plant, or even its distilled essence in the form of essential oil, is akin to sharing a silent moment with a dear friend. As we sit quietly, we open ourselves to the plant's gentle whispers, its wisdom quietly infusing our thoughts.

In a serene and comfortable setting, take a moment to sit with a plant. You might ask softly, "What do I need to learn from you today?" Patience will reveal the plant’s response, ranging from the simplest of insights to more complex revelations. This quiet communion offers a unique opportunity to tune into the natural world's quiet guidance, enriching our understanding and deepening our connection with life's subtle rhythms.

Below is our guided meditation as well as the script. May you find peace and joy for today.

Butterfly with Bergamot Mint
Welcome to our meditative journey in the heart of an idyllic English meadow. Today, we’ll connect with the gentle essence of Bergamot Mint, a unique member of the mint family that whispers the calm of lavender fields and the freshness of a lush garden.

If you have a bergamot mint plant, sit near it or bring a bottle of the essential oil. Take a deep breath of the aroma and then...

Close your eyes and take a deep, slow breath. As you exhale, imagine yourself transforming and your senses heightening your body lightening. Feel the gentle flutter of new wings—delicate and vibrant. You are now a butterfly, a beautiful creature of the meadow.

With each flutter of your wings, you rise softly into the air, carried by the cool breeze of the countryside. Feel the freedom of flight as you glide over the lush meadow, surrounded by wildflowers and the calming essence of nature.

Notice the patch of Bergamot Mint below, its leaves a vibrant green, shimmering under the sun's warm rays. As you hover over these plants, take in the delightful blend of fragrances—the floral hint of lavender, the refreshing touch of mint, and a zesty citrus undertone. These scents uplift and calm you, balancing your newfound butterfly spirit.

Dip down to brush against a blossom, feeling the textures of the meadow with your new, delicate senses. Each flower’s aroma is more intense, mixed with the earthy scent of dew on grass. The beauty of the meadow from this perspective is overwhelming, filled with colors and fragrances that guide your flight.

Now, as you flit from flower to flower, feel the interconnectedness of life in the meadow. The buzzing bees are companions, not competitors, each of you playing a role in nourishing the plants and pollinating the flowers. Feel a sense of purpose and joy in this dance of life, contributing to the beauty and vitality of your surroundings.

During your journey, notice any weights of human worry—discouragement or anxiety—slipping away, replaced by the lightweight of your butterfly being. The air carries these away with every flap of your wings. In their place, fill the spaces with gratitude for this moment, for the ability to see the world from such a unique and magical perspective.

As you continue your graceful exploration, embrace the peace that comes with your new form. The meadow is a sanctuary, and you, a creature of beauty and importance within it. Let this feeling of peace and purpose fill you completely, knowing that this transformation, though temporary, imparts lasting tranquility and a renewed perspective.

Take a few moments and continue this exploration. Continue letting everything that doesn't belong in you float away from those wings. Listen, and see what Bergamot Mint is sharing with you. (Pause the recording if you want more time)


Gradually allow your butterfly senses to bring you back to your human form. Feel your feet on the ground, your fingers ready to touch the tangible world again. When you’re ready, open your eyes, carrying with you the lightness and serene energy of your butterfly experience. Remember, this peaceful meadow and your journey as a butterfly are always here in your heart, waiting whenever you need to return to them.

Take a moment and write down your experience in your journal. This will bring you moments of reprieve when you most need it.