A Mindful Plant Sit

A Mindful Plant Sit

Connecting with our aromatic plant allies allows us to receive their amazing gifts and endless messages! Sitting with a plant (or even its essential oil) is like sitting silently with another person. When we sit with the plant, we’re listening as the plant whispers subtle messages into our minds. In a comfortable and quiet space, try sitting with a plant and ask, “What do I need to learn from you today?” Given time, your plant will share its simple—or sometimes complex—message.

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A Mindful Sit with Hyssop
Thrive Premium A Mindful Plant Sit

A Mindful Sit with Hyssop

Notice the aroma of this plant’s essential oil. Notice how your breath is affected. For some, this oil is opening, expansive, and clearing. You may notice how your mind suddenly feels sharper with less chatter.  

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