“Hello, Yarrow, my ol’ friend. I’ve come to talk to you again.”

It was 2013 the first time I was officially introduced to this plant. Reflecting, I was struck by how many times I had been in its general vicinity but lacked any awareness of its existence.

This same unintentional lack of awareness could be applied to many different aspects of our lives—case in point: my husband and me. Although we grew up many miles apart, he chose a college that was a town over from where I went to high school. We’ve often wondered if our social circles may have overlapped during that time, but for some reason, perhaps the timing was not ripe for the connection to take root?

We might even drive ourselves mad trying NOT to miss everything around us when in reality trusting that we will receive the introduction, message, idea, etc. — when the time is right — is simply having faith in the process.

Our Sit with the Plant Behind the Oil helps to deepen our relationship by increasing our awareness and inviting a “conversation” with the plant. If this is the first time you’ve given your attention to Yarrow, I am honored to be the one to guide you through this sit.

Go ahead and gather your Yarrow essential oil, live blossoms or tea while we get ready to sit quietly with our friend.

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