Opopanax has been used for centuries due to its unique ability to soothe and heal skin, reduce inflammation, and offer support during difficult times. The strong, sweet aroma of opopanax essential oil is reminiscent of incense and carries with it a deep, earthy, resinous scent.

Opopanax essential oil can be used as a natural aid in treating wounds due to its warming and drying qualities. It is beneficial for superficial skin abrasions, deeper cuts that are weepy, and chronic sores that have difficulty healing, such as skin ulcers.

The oil's antiseptic properties help the body naturally heal wounds and reduce the risk of infection. The resin is used as incense to purify the air by releasing its sweet, balsamic scent.

In addition, this essential oil contains therapeutic properties that help relieve stress and improve focus. Its calming effects can be beneficial for those suffering from anxiety or insomnia.

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